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Thanks for joining us in taking a step toward a net-zero future. We make it easier for organizations to get the information they need, the guidance they want, and the support they deserve to navigate the complicated and evolving world of carbon reduction. We'll be in touch with ways your company can be CarbonBetter, too.

Earth Day 2024 Business Sign-Up

What’s this event about?

Read the Earth Day 2022 Report

Interested in joining our 2023 day of climate action? Check out last year’s report to learn about the participating companies, how we estimated our collective carbon footprint, and details about the carbon offset projects we supported to achieve carbon neutrality. We’re excited to expand our impact for 2023!

Join Us for a Free Day of Climate Action

We are now accepting Earth Day 2024 submissions. Please feel free to still share this link with businesses in your community. We’ll also be hosting an in-person event at a date and time to be determined—Any questions? Contact us.

Is your company ready to show its support for the fight against climate change? Join CarbonBetter’s 3rd annual free day of climate action for businesses, culminating in our published Earth Day 2024 Impacts report on April 22, 2024. Let’s make an impact together! Check our last year’s Earth Day Impacts Report to see what it’s all about.


Our free day of climate action shows how powerful the greater business community can be when we all take a small step in the right direction together. Our collective impacts make a real difference, and after the first step, the next step will be easier. Before long, we’ve created a movement by stringing together daily opportunities to reduce our impacts.


Participating is easy and takes just a few minutes. Submit your company’s information in the form below. Using the information submitted, the CarbonBetter Climate Services team will estimate your operational carbon footprint, for select Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (natural gas and electricity consumption), for April 22, 2024—Earth Day. Once we’ve estimated the carbon footprint of all participating companies to calculate our total footprint, we’ll select high-impact carbon offset projects from which we’ll buy carbon credits to retire.

Our Impacts Report, which will be published on Earth Day, will feature participating companies, stories about integrating sustainability into operations, and details about the carbon offset projects we’re supporting together to neutralize our footprint.

It’s vital to note here that while our day of climate action is focused on carbon emissions, carbon is just one aspect of environmental impact, in addition to waste, water, and other considerations that are part of a holistic sustainability strategy.


Yes! There is no fee to participate. CarbonBetter will invest up to $10,000 (US) to purchase and retire carbon offsets that match participating companies’ estimated operational carbon footprint for one day. Beyond this amount, sponsors and participating companies may offer their financial support to make carbon credit purchases to help achieve carbon neutrality for all participants. Participating companies must be based in the United States.

Interested in being a sponsor of this day of climate action? Reach out to us! All levels of support are welcome.

We hope you’ll join us! Together we can make a real impact and tell important stories about making a difference.