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Thanks for joining us in taking a step toward a net-zero future. We make it easier for organizations to get the information they need, the guidance they want, and the support they deserve to navigate the complicated and evolving world of carbon reduction. We'll be in touch with ways your company can be CarbonBetter, too.

Sustainability & Decarbon­ization Services

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CarbonBetter® is your expert partner and guide in decarbonization and sustainability, helping you prepare for the transitions ahead. Our process is accessible because the challenge is daunting. We meet clients wherever they are in their sustainability journey. Some are starting out, while others need help refining or executing their plans. Each client engagement is unique. All services are available à la carte, but an end-to-end approach may include the phases described below—including strategy, implementation, measuring and tracking your progress, and sharing your journey through best-in-class storytelling. We work with change makers to tell their stories—building brand loyalty, establishing thought leadership, and moving the world closer to a net-zero future.

For businesses considering the use of carbon accounting software, we offer assistance in defining technical requirements for and selecting the best-fit software solution with our vendor-agnostic approach. However, it’s important to note that while software can be a powerful tool, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of carbon accounting data requires human expertise. That’s where we come in. At CarbonBetter, we can help to validate your data and navigate choosing not just the right tool but the right calculation methodologies and emission factors, ensuring the resulting carbon footprint is robust and reliable, providing a solid foundation for your sustainability journey.

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Sustainability Strategic Planning

Progress starts with the right roadmap

We work with organizations at any stage in their sustainability journey to understand their specific needs before we embark on a carbon reduction plan. These steps may include:

  • Understanding Your Stakeholders
  • Defining Your Project Scope and Sustainability Plans
  • Setting Goals
  • Defining Your Timing 
  • Creating the Roadmap
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Sustainability reporting serves as a valuable tool to achieve corporate commitments and better manage climate-related business risks. This white paper walks you through what's typically included and what should be considered.

Closing the Carbon Market Gap Webinar
Closing the Carbon Market Gap

According to Bank of America, carbon offset supply may need to grow as much as 50x by 2050 to achieve net-zero emissions. Watch the replay as three experts discuss efforts to close this gap and the challenges in developing projects and issuing credits at scale.

Decarbonization Playbook Development

Choose the pieces that fit

CarbonBetter works with organizations to select the exact actions that fit their strategic plan. Measured, discrete steps create real change. If you don’t already have a baseline of your environmental impacts, we’ll start there. Your decarbonization playbook includes:

  • Assessing Where You Are  
  • Set Tactical Targets that are Measurable and Traceable
  • Defining Your Actions
  • Establishing Milestones

Impacts Assessment & Sustainability Reporting

Know your current position

Measuring and reporting progress is an essential part of sustainability strategy - if you don’t know your baseline, you can’t accurately track what progress you are making.  We empower clients to quantify and share their impacts in a traceable way with their customers, teams, and other stakeholders through their sustainability reporting. 

CarbonBetter can work independently or with internal teams to assess environmental impacts and create reports that follow standards from internationally recognized protocols. Impacts assessment and sustainability reporting includes:

  • Quantifying Your Carbon Emissions Footprint
  • Assessing your Water and Waste impacts
  • Disclosing your Impacts Through Transparent Reporting

Implement Your Playbook

Make your goals a reality

CarbonBetter helps clients strategically reduce what they can and make progress toward their long-term carbon reduction goals. Options to explore:

  • Carbon Offset & Clean Energy Services. Includes renewable energy certificates, carbon offset credits, and renewable natural gas credits.
  • Efficiency Improvements & Business Process Optimization
  • Project Analysis, Guidance, & Implementation Support
  • Resource Reduction Guidance
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Share Your Sustainability Story

Highlight your success

CarbonBetter believes sustainability stories are meant to be shared - they build loyalty with employees and customers, and they inspire other companies to make progress.

CarbonBetter can create content to share your journey with internal and external stakeholders. Stories worth sharing can include:

  • Your motivation to pursue sustainability and carbon reduction
  • Practical changes your company has made to advance sustainability goals
  • Quarterly or annual reports updating teams, investors, and customers about sustainability progress

We can create shareable stories in the following ready-to-use formats:

  • Social media-ready images
  • Blog-ready posts
  • Easy-to-share videos
  • Downloadable one-pagers

Carbon Accounting Software

Advisory & Selection

We understand the potential benefits and challenges of incorporating carbon accounting software into your sustainability efforts. As part of our services, we can:

  • Assist in defining your unique requirements
  • Help in selecting the best-fit carbon accounting software
  • Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your carbon accounting data
  • Guide your team in effectively utilizing the software
  • Integrate the use of software into your overall sustainability strategy
What is a decarbonization playbook?

A playbook is a customized sustainability strategy document. Each playbook is unique to your sustainability goals and planned decarbonization activities. Typical playbook components include, but are not limited to, your carbon strategy, your environmental performance goals, plans to reduce your environmental impacts, and planned activities to help you reach your targets.

What if my business wants to reduce our carbon emissions but is not ready to fully decarbonize?

CarbonBetter will meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey and can help you make progress towards reducing your carbon footprint. We can create a carbon strategy that meets your current needs. We believe it’s not about doing everything - it’s about doing something, and we want to help you take action in a way that works best for your business.

What does it mean that decarbonization services are "à la carte?"

Each client engagement is unique with services tailored to meet your needs. There are no one sized fits all sustainability solutions or carbon strategies. We will partner with you to collaborate on an à la carte scope of work so that we can deliver specific products and services that best align with your sustainability goals.

Can CarbonBetter help me with sustainability storytelling even if I used a different vendor for my annual sustainability report?

Yes! If you have already assessed your environmental impacts and completed an annual sustainability report, we would still be happy to help you share your sustainability story. By sharing your environmental impacts and highlighting your successes through storytelling, our goal is that your impact will go beyond the numbers and complicated math associated with your environmental impacts and enable your business to be a leader in the decarbonization of your industry.

Can CarbonBetter help my business with carbon accounting software selection, implementation, and data verification?

Yes, CarbonBetter can provide valuable assistance in all these areas. We help identify the best-fit carbon accounting software for your business's unique needs and guide your team in its effective utilization. We also recognize that for some businesses, particularly smaller ones, using a spreadsheet may be the most efficient and cost-effective method of carbon accounting. We will assess your situation and recommend the most suitable solution. Importantly, we also help validate your carbon emissions data, ensuring its accuracy and reliability, which is critical to your sustainability journey.