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Thanks for joining us in taking a step toward a net-zero future. We make it easier for organizations to get the information they need, the guidance they want, and the support they deserve to navigate the complicated and evolving world of carbon reduction. We'll be in touch with ways your company can be CarbonBetter, too.

Energy Logistics Services

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Tap Into Our Decades of Experience in Energy Logistics

For energy consumers and producers alike, CarbonBetter® helps clients solve problems in the ever-changing energy landscape. Whether optimizing producer assets or helping end users mitigate market volatility through our energy marketing services, CarbonBetter takes an innovative approach. We believe that what’s good for our planet is good for business, too.

End-Use Customers

Commercial and Industrial Customers

CarbonBetter is an experienced energy marketer that provides comprehensive solutions for commercial and industrial gas consumers. We work with clients to understand their energy demand, risk policies, sustainability objectives, and commercial preferences to tailor solutions to their needs.

CarbonBetter manages an extensive network of gas storage and transport assets across the U.S. These assets, along with our market participant relationships, allow our experienced team of traders and gas schedulers to optimize the natural gas system to supply clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Retail Energy Suppliers

CarbonBetter helps retail energy suppliers reduce complexity in managing daily load requirements at the city gate, and to mitigate exposure to volatile wholesale markets.

We also support them in the pursuit of cleaner supply sources and carbon offset services. Residential energy use accounts for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. (PNAS, 2019), and retail energy suppliers play a critical role in helping to reduce emissions. Up to 70% of consumers say they want to know how the brands they support are addressing environmental issues. CarbonBetter enables your brand to share your collective impact with customers.

Producers and Asset Holders

Asset Management Agreements

Asset Management Agreements (AMAs) are an increasingly common solution in the market due to the sophistication of natural gas trading and FERC capacity release rules. Transportation and storage holders can release their assets for outside management through a broad range of payment structures. CarbonBetter is well-positioned to generate value for asset holders through this agreement structure.

Producer Services

CarbonBetter’s team provides producers with the expertise to get the best prices in the market—and the transparency to build a long-term relationship built on trust.

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