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Thanks for joining us in taking a step toward a net-zero future. We make it easier for organizations to get the information they need, the guidance they want, and the support they deserve to navigate the complicated and evolving world of carbon reduction. We'll be in touch with ways your company can be CarbonBetter, too.

Carbon Offset Project Services

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Maximize your project’s impact and value

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We work with project developers certify their projects and market credits to buyers.

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Serving Companies that Seek to Make a Difference

CarbonBetter® works with project developers focused on reducing carbon emissions through the capture and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or the production of clean energy. We provide comprehensive and effective strategies to maximize impact and ROI.

We offer our project support services à la carte: We can certify carbon credit projects; market credits to potential buyers; procure, retire, or reconcile credits; and help you share your story.

We serve clients with various types of projects, including:

  • Tree planting, reforestation, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture
  • Renewable electricity generation, including solar, wind, and hydropower
  • Renewable natural gas production from livestock and landfill methane capture
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Project Strategy & Planning

CarbonBetter helps clients analyze potential projects to capture or reduce carbon, or to generate clean energy. We also help assess a project’s feasibility and potential success.

Globally Recognized Certification

CarbonBetter guides project developers through the credit development and issuance process, from personalized standard selection to proposal writing, to carbon accounting, to the issuance of credits. We help clients certify their own projects through globally recognized certification firms, which may include:

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Featured Project: OKO Forests

A regenerative agroforestry project in Ghana is creating sustainable socio-economic opportunities for nearby communities while it tackles the deforestation impacts of galamsey - illegal gold mining operations.

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Carbon Offset & Clean Energy Marketing
Generate interest in your project

The CarbonBetter team maximizes the value of credits from carbon reduction projects by efficiently finding buyers who understand and value their impact. CarbonBetter helps project developers increase ROI by using our robust storytelling engine to connect buyers and sellers—and drive interest in future projects and investments. Every project has a story, and those stories matter to purchasers and other key stakeholders.

The CB team has expertise marketing these credits:

  • Renewable energy certificates (RECs)
  • Carbon offset credits
  • Renewable natural gas (RNG)
  • Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)
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I want to certify my project with a different protocol from those listed. Can CarbonBetter help?

Yes! CarbonBetter can help advise you on an appropriate protocol for certification and works with a wide array of protocols. Clients are not limited to the protocols indicated on our website; these are just a sampling of the protocols we can support.

We have already developed and certified a project. Can you help us find buyers for our credits?

Yes! CarbonBetter can help you market credits and RECs to potential buyers. We actively support clients in procuring carbon credits and RECs and can help match purchasers to sellers. By sharing the story of your project, including the project technology and any additional benefits associated with the project, the CarbonBetter team maximizes the value of credits from carbon reduction projects by efficiently finding buyers who understand and value their impact. Every project has a story, and those stories matter to purchasers, investors, and other key stakeholders.

What does it mean that services are "à la carte"?

Each client engagement and every project is unique, and we can tailor our offerings to meet your needs. There are no one sized fits all sustainability solutions or carbon strategies. We will partner with you to collaborate on an à la carte scope of work so that we can deliver specific products and services that best align with your sustainability goals.