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Edition #2 | Environment Forward

An image showing the Aurora Borealis with a forefront of trees.


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The Garbage Queen, a medical trial approach to carbon baselines, and the cosmos.

By Nicole Sullivan

Hi Y’all, Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Environment Forward. Here are the things that I’ve been reading (and watching) over the last couple of weeks that have left me feeling both motivated and inspired. While I don’t have a trip scheduled to see the Aurora Borealis anytime soon, I am a space nerd at heart. I recently ventured out to Inks Lake State Park here in Texas to stargaze and catch a glimpse of the Milky Way. Wherever you are, I encourage you to get out and find a dark sky near you; slowing down and soaking in the beauty of space can be perspective shifting. Be sure to connect and drop me a line and let me know what you’re reading, as well as what parks you’re exploring.

An image of the Garbage Queen on TikTok.

Find Climate Optimism on TikTok with The Garbage Queen

Canary Media’s interview with The Garbage Queen was my first introduction to the EcoTok influencers – it has me seriously considering whether I should download TikTok. It’s encouraging to see a new cohort of influencers using their platforms to drive awareness to climate issues and encourage change.

An image of a path surrounded by trees.

A "Medical Trial" aproach to carbon baselines

In this three-part blog series (part 2, part 3), our friends at the American Forest Foundation explain their "medical trial" approach to quantifying a carbon baseline for forest land. The exciting work they're doing through the Family Forest Carbon Program seeks to shift intention to action.

A scuba diver in a coral reef.

Why are coral reefs turning white?

New research shows a 50% decline in living coral cover on reefs and identifies climate change, along with other factors such as overfishing, ocean acidification and pollution, as contributing factors. While this news is depressing, I was intrigued to learn about coral bleaching, and Inside Climate News reinforces the importance of protecting our oceans from climate change.

A chicken farmer holding a chicken in a coop.

Sustainable farming - farm to fork

While we often consider what we're eating from a nutritional perspective, environmental impacts aren't always front of mind. This article explores a new generation of sustainable farmers in Europe, working to improve food quality and reduce the associated environmental impacts, from Farm to Fork.

An image showing the Aurora Borealis.

Iceland or outer space?

Seeing the colors of the aurora is on my travel bucket list - this article explains that the magic of auroras is a manifestation of Earth's magnetic shield. Until I can make it to Iceland to see this otherworldly display of the cosmos, National Geographic does a good job of bringing the magic to us.

Nicole Sullivan is the Climate Services Manager at CarbonBetter. When she's not working on sustainability reports and helping clients to decarbonize, she's busy reading about the environment or is outdoors exploring it. Connect with her on LinkedIn and drop her a line to let her know what you thought about these stories and share what you're reading.