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From Awareness to Action: How Brands Can Meet Consumer Demand for Plastic Reduction

From Awareness to Action: How Brands Can Meet Consumer Demand for Plastic Reduction

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Join Nicole Sullivan, Director of Climate Services at CarbonBetter, and Candice Lawton, Senior Manager of Business Partnerships at rePurpose Global, for a discussion centered around helping brands understand the plastic waste problem from the ground up, including what can be done to account for and reduce, or offset, plastic waste in business operations. Some of the key takeaways include:

  1. Understanding Plastic's Impact: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and societal impact of plastic waste, as well as how consumer attitudes are shifting towards sustainability and opportunities for brands to take action. This includes insights into the history of plastic usage, current disposal statistics, and the global urgency for responsible plastic management.
  2. Measuring and Reducing Plastic Footprint: Attendees will learn the essential steps for quantifying a business’s plastic waste and the various strategies for reduction. This encompasses the use of innovative tools, technologies, and alternative materials, along with real-world examples of successful reduction initiatives by brands.
  3. Role of Plastic Offsetting and Credits: Participants will be introduced to the concept of plastic credits and offsetting as tools for achieving plastic neutrality. They will learn how to identify high-quality plastic credits, understand emerging standards, and explore examples of impactful offsetting projects.
  4. Actionable Steps for Sustainable Branding and Collaboration: Attendees will leave with actionable steps for integrating sustainability into their brand identity, with emphasis on transparency and authenticity. They will also be encouraged to collaborate with suppliers, consumers, and other businesses, to reduce their environmental impacts, particularly plastic impacts.

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Director of Climate Services

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Panel Speakers

Candice Lawton

Senior Manager of Business Partnerships

Candice Lawton works with brands on strategic investments to take action on their plastic footprints through measurement, disclosure, reduction/redesign, and immediate impact through financing plastic recovery and infrastructure in fragile areas where pollution is highest.

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