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Want to Achieve Net-Zero by 2040? Learn Your 2023 Action Items

Want to Achieve Net-Zero by 2040? Learn Your 2023 Action Items

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As of mid-2022, 702 companies on the Forbes 2000 have made net-zero pledges. Whether your organization has made a pledge or plans to make one soon, there's a massive difference between pledging net-zero and achieving it. Do you have a clear roadmap for your sustainability journey? What are the right steps to consider in 2023 to achieve 2040 net-zero carbon, water, and waste goals? It's time to create a clear roadmap.

In this 1-hour conversation moderated by Dominic Sung from CarbonBetter, panelists Nicole Sullivan from CarbonBetter and Sherry Frey from Nielsen IQ will explore the latest data regarding sustainability claims by industry, how consumer perceptions about sustainability are changing, ways to prioritize and plan work in 2023 to achieve 2040 goals, how to confidently make claims even in high-growth organizations with rapidly expanding footprints, and why it's so critical to report on progress and challenges—and not just successes.

The climate crisis cannot be solved overnight, but steps taken by organizations in 2023, with a goal of progress over perfection, will help deliver a better future for our planet.

Key TakeawayS
  • Learn where you stand in your industry relative to your sustainability commitments.
  • What steps should you consider in 2023 to achieve 2040 net-zero and other sustainability goals—do you have a clear roadmap for your journey?
  • How to confidently make sustainability commitments in a high-growth organization with increasing complexity and expanding impacts by using both your carbon footprint and carbon intensity as key metrics.
  • Learn why it's critical to report on progress and challenges—and not just successes.

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We’re CarbonBetter, a privately held firm specializing in sustainability and decarbonization services, clean energy and carbon offset project consulting, and energy logistics. We chart a clear path for every organization to drive meaningful change in the transition to a net-zero economy, accelerating the societal shifts that will save our planet.

Dominic Sung

Business Development, Sustainability & Decarbonization

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Panel Speakers

Sherry Frey

VP of Total Wellness

Sherry Frey is the VP of Total Wellness at NielsenIQ, a global information services company providing the most complete and trusted view of consumers and markets in 90 countries covering 90% of the world's population.

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Nicole Sullivan

Director of Climate Services

CarbonBetter logo.

Nicole Sullivan leads CarbonBetter's climate practice, helping organizations measure, reduce, offset, and report on environmental impacts, including carbon emissions, water, and waste.

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