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CarbonBetter Founder Featured in the Austin Business Journal

A screenshot of the Austin Business Journal article featuring CarbonBetter Founder and President, Tri Vo.


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“Fighting climate change requires that we raise our profile.”

CarbonBetter founder Tri Vo recently spent time with Patricia Rogers of the Austin Business Journal to share more about CarbonBetter and his journey as an entrepreneur. As we continue to take steps to publicly share the work we’re doing to support companies on the path to decarbonization, this Journal Profile comes on the heels of CarbonBetter being named in top spots on two lists curated by the Austin Business Journal: #1 on the largest minority-owned businesses list, and #10 on the largest Austin-based private companies list.

Below are a few excerpts from his Journal Profile, but make sure to read the full piece on the Austin Business Journal website.

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Patricia: CarbonBetter partnered with locals in Ghana on an agroforestry project that goes beyond the act of planting a tree to a model that engages governments and chiefs, the farmers who care for those trees and the community they feed.

Why was it important for you to go see the actual trees CarbonBetter wanted to sponsor?

Tri: We started to ask ourselves questions like, where exactly is this tree? Who’s going to take care of the tree? Why are they going to take care of the tree? And we weren’t finding a lot of transparency there. So we wanted to find a better way to do it. It’s not just a forest, but there are also crops involved. And that really helps kind of support the local communities.

Workers at OKO Forest in Ghana.

The OKO Forests team tends to seedlings in the nursery in Ghana. Check out the OKO Forests case study here.

Patricia: How many clients have you served over the years and how can such a little company save the world?

Tri: Thousands of clients. Our solutions are selective for the Fortune 100 down to family-owned businesses. But I can definitely say that we’re very comfortable operating at scale. We want to help companies lead their industries. This newer way of thinking about things, you can really change how your industry approaches climate.

A few of CarbonBetter’s clients:

Waste Management logo.
Kraft logo.
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs logo.
Pepsi logo.
Dominion Energy logo.

Patricia: You recently co-founded a distillery. How did Fierce Whiskers come about? 

Tri: I’m a sucker for a good challenge and doing things I’ve never done before. Starting from the beginning, questioning everything I learned, building things … all undeniably fun to me. And the whiskey part helped.

Outside view of Fierce Whiskers Distillery.

The Fierce Whiskers rickhouse. Check out the Fierce Whiskers case study here.

There’s a lot more to learn by reading the full Journal Profile at the Austin Business Journal website, including how many hours a week Tri works in both of his businesses, what he learned starting a company at 26, and how he defines success.