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Welcome, Nini and Sheera!

CarbonBetter interns, Nini and Sheera.


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Welcome to our accounting & operations interns from ABSA at the University of Texas at Austin.

As we shared previously, in November 2021, several CarbonBetter team members were invited to speak at a general meeting of the Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) to share more about what we do at CarbonBetter and meet students who may be interested in intern positions. You can learn more about ABSA in our last post. At the meeting, we met dozens of students who were engaged in great conversations about sustainability and many were interested in exploring internship opportunities.

We already introduced our three marketing interns who joined us earlier this month, Mia Nguyen, Jessica Yang, and Voon Goh, and today we’re so happy to introduce Sheera Wang and Nini Kuo.

Special thanks to Voon for writing today’s post! Interested in an internship at CarbonBetter? Contact us for details.

Welcome to CarbonBetter! Please introduce yourselves.

Nini: Helloooooooo! My name is Nini Kuo and I’m an accounting intern at CarbonBetter. I was born in Taiwan but I moved to El Paso, TX when I was really young, and that’s where I grew up. This is my second year at UT studying… you guessed it accounting, and I’ve been loving my time here in Austin.

It wasn’t until coming to college that I started learning how to digitally draw since I decided against the idea of bringing my paints and canvases to college. So now, sometimes after a long day of classes, I like to listen to some music and doodle a little bit to relax. I’m a Virgo and I have a reallyyy big, sweet tooth, ice cream is definitely on top of my list of favorite desserts.

Sheera: Hello! My name is Sheera Wang, a first-year Unspecified Business major at UT Austin and an Operations Intern here at CarbonBetter. I’m interested in the field of data analytics and statistical modeling, but I also cook on the side. Currently, I’m focused on making Japanese food (I make some great takoyaki). I am an INFJ-T from Houston, Texas, and have lived in Texas my entire life. I am thrilled and honored to join the Operations team and the CarbonBetter family!

“Since our “Big Freeze” in Texas, I was curious about how the natural gas industry responded to the increased demand. Listening to what our Operations Analysts had to say and analyzing the way the market shifted has given me a broader perspective on the background work involved in our everyday lives.”

Sheera, On Why she choose CarbonBetter

Nini Kuo.

Nini Kuo

Sheera Wang.

Sheera Wang

Why did you choose CarbonBetter for your internship?

Sheera: Since high school I have been interested in environmental consciousness and sustainable living. I wanted this to translate into my work in college, and CarbonBetter offers a way to learn more about the natural gas industry while actively advocating for clean energy. In particular, since our "Big Freeze" in Texas, I was curious as to how the natural gas industry responded to the increased demand for heating. Listening to what our Operations Analysts had to say and analyzing the way the market shifted has given me a broader perspective on the background work involved in our everyday lives. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to be a part of making these things that we take for granted possible.

Nini: Sustainability has been a word that's been floating around my head. After speaking to the amazing CarbonBetter representatives that came to speak at the Asian Business Student Association general meeting, I knew this intern position would give me so many opportunities to learn about accounting, sustainability, and most importantly the ability to work with an amazing team during the semester.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Nini: In five years...I hope I'm doing something that makes me happy. Practically, I hope I have started a career related to my interest in taxes and accounting here in Austin, but overall, I'm trying to simply figure out my life one step at a time and try not to overthink.

Sheera: In my Business Administration class, my professor emphasized that we should always be in our "beta stage." Similarly, I want to learn and grow to be a confident individual who constantly widens their perspective. I refuse to believe that there is a maximum to what we can learn. Hopefully, involving myself with an opportunity that is tech-based, I want to be able to make educated decisions and produce outcomes that can make an impact on a larger community through data.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Sheera: Definitely matcha. I have always been an avid tea drinker and discovering it as an ice cream flavor changed my life. Frankly, anything matcha is a win in my book.

Nini: If I was an ice cream flavor, I would probably be mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! Maybe this is me just picking my favorite flavor, but I think the balance between sweet and not too sweet and the overall minty vibe matches my personality really well.

What are the top 5 things on your bucket list?


  1. Go to place where you can see a lot of stars
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Fold 1000 paper cranes
  4. Start a non-profit
  5. Learn how to skateboard


  1. Watch the Northern Lights
  2. Attend the Nutcracker ballet on Christmas Day in New York City
  3. Watch the sunset at Yellowstone on top of a car roof, eating Little Caesar's pizza and drinking McDonald's Sprite
  4. Play beach volleyball (in the water!) in the Bahamas
  5. Participate in a tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan
    (I actively add to this 20+ list)
Thank you for sharing! Is there anything else you'd like to add?


I am a very proud dog owner. Check out the best boy, Bleau!

Sheera's dog, Bleau.


I also draw stickers for a sticker business a friend started in college! Take a look at @storibookfriends on Instagram!